Today's society relies on many different communication media.  Digital video is quickly becoming the method of choice for web and computer based presentations.  The ability to capture sounds and moving images then quickly broadcast the information is a powerful way to provide timely information.

Sansbox Consulting specializes in digital video projects.  We have acquired the necessary equipment and expertise to be successful in this challenging field.  We have a broad range of capabilities:

Digital Imaging Hardware

Having the proper tool is the first step in doing a job properly.  We have made the investment in the proper tools and took the time to become skillful.  We have the ability adapt to very difficult photography and videography situations.  We tend to shoot with two high-end digital (Mini-DV) video cameras.  We also use high resolution digital still cameras for images intended for printed product.  We use high quality lighting systems to ensure fully saturated, vivid colors and clarity.

We utilize a real time professional digital editing system.  This computer controlled editing system operates at full quality.  We also have the ability to work with your footage.  We can also capture VHS, 8mm, Hi8, 3/4" or Beta.  Let us know if you have specialty media, we can most likely convert it.

Digital Imaging Services

Our services include video taping and still photography at your location or in our studio.  From product photos for e-commerce to capturing the spirit of a special event we have the experience to make it look great.  For the situations were digital product is not acceptable we also provide traditional still photography.  We can provide slides, prints and positive transparences to meet your high quality publishing requirements or be the source for color separations. 

With the material captured the next step is editing.  Using the latest in industry hardware and software we edit the raw footage into a finished production.  We keep the project digital from the first step through the editing process.  This approach allows us to meet tight deadlines without reducing quality.  When we produce the digital master tape there is absolutely no generation loss.

We have a large library of royalty free sound tracks.  Simply specify the mood you are looking for and we will add the music to match your theme.  Our editing capabilities include a wide variety of transitions.  Simple cuts, multi angle fades, wipes and computer generated effects can add variety without being distracting.  

We have the ability to create media for a wide variety of audiences:

  • Broadcast quality video tape in VHS format
  • Full quality video tape in digital format (DV standard) 
  • Computer files in AVI, MPEG, MPG, QT format
  • Streaming video using Real Media format
  • CD-ROM with a web style user interface
  • Other specialty formats



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